Projeto 25 anos Eco-Escolas | Trabalhos 2022

 Atividade 2 – Criar uma música original para a letra “Polar Bears in Beds of Roses”

Escola Sec. com 3.º Ciclo de Serpa (Serpa)

Memória descritiva:
“Polar Bears in Beds of Roses”-Serpa
-The Eco Schools Project Coordinator challenged the educational community to embrace this project;
-The Coordination of the “European Parliament Ambassador School” project met with junior ambassadors to collect ideas within the scope of the “Polar Bears in Beds of Roses” challenge. At this meeting, the ambassadors decided to involve other elements of the community: teachers, students, the municipality and Musiberia.
-The people involved distributed tasks and grouped themselves into teams;
-The tasks were monitored by both students and teachers;
-A team dedicated itself in more detail to the creation and recording of the music; another for the creation of choreography and another for the production of the video;
-The municipality granted authorizations for the use and filming of spaces in the city for the recording of the video and Musibéria authorized the recording of the song in its studios;
-Two teachers dedicated to guiding the students and also participated in the recordings (audio and video);
-The Head of the School expedited the authorization for the use of drone during the recordings;
-The final product (music and video) is the result of a collective of people of different ages;
- The descriptive report was prepared by a group of students who are members of the project “School Ambassador of the European Parliament”
-The video will be disseminated on the social networks of the school, in the local media and on the social networks of the “School Ambassador of the European Parliament” project.
Lyrics: Edouard Priem et Sébastien Duthoit
Music: Nelson Canhita
Production: Group of Schools nº 2 of Serpa
Voice: Nelson Canhita
Piano: Carolina Faria
Semi-acoustic guitar: Nelson Canhita
Classical guitar: Luís Pôtra
Electric guitar: Nelson Canhita
Bass: Inês Canhoto
Cajon: José Bule Ferreira
Drums: Ricardo Afonso
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by André Espada at Estúdio Musiberia
Producer: VideoPlanos
Director: Nelson Canhita
Producer: Nelson Canhita
Camera Operators: Nelson Canhita and Gabriel Souza
Drone: Goncalo Madureira

Nome e idade dos alunos:
Students: 9ºB (Santiago Morgado, 15 anos), 10ºC (Alexandre Martins, 16 anos; Catarina Serra, 17 anos; Érica Arce, 16 anos; Isabella Lourenço, 16 anos; Inês Canhoto, 16 anos; Maria Franco, 16 anos; Mariana Rita, 16 anos; Matilde Curro, 15 anos; Mélanie malveiro, 16 anos); 11ºA (José Bule Ferreira, 17 anos; Miguel Martins, 16 anos); 11ºB (José Vitória, 17 anos; Pedro Caldeira, 17 anos); 11ºC (Iara Fonseca, 16 anos; Miguel Gregório, 18 anos; Rúben Ramos, 16 anos; Tiago Alves, 16 anos); 12ºA (Luís Pôtra, 17 ano

Música original (MP3, MP4, WAV):

Link do Vídeo com a coreografia:

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