Projeto 25 anos Eco-Escolas | Trabalhos 2022

 Atividade 2 – Criar uma música original para a letra “Polar Bears in Beds of Roses”

Escola Básica e Secundária de Anadia (Anadia)

Memória descritiva:
The activity was carried out with the participation of several secondary and elementary school students divided into two groups. Some were responsible for creating an original song for the lyrics "Polar Bears in Beds of Roses" and the other group was in charge of the choreography. To coordinate these groups, music teachers and the coordinators of the eco-schools program participated.
The video, in addition to the choreography, contains images of the numerous projects developed by our school's eco-schools program.
Students from 3 classes participated in the choreography (10ºB, 12ºE and 6ºE), and the choreographer was a student from 12ºE, Gabriela Duarte.
The melody was authored by the 11th grade student, Laura Cerveira, who in addition to being the author is the pianist.
The voices are by students Carolina Barbas from 11ºA and Gabriela Duarte from 12ºE. In the choir are the voices of 8th grade students.
The successive confinements to which the students involved in the project were subjected forced multiple adjustments to the initial project.

Nome e idade dos alunos:
Gabriela Duarte - 17 anos
Laura Cerveira - 15 anos
Carolina Barbas - 15 anos
Alunos da Turma 6º E , 8º A , 10ºB e 12ºE com idades compreendidas entre os 11 e os 17 anos.

Música original (MP3, MP4, WAV):

Link do Vídeo com a coreografia:

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